Friday, May 27, 2011


Well it was a fast paced BEA from the 9 AM blastoff until the close of each day. There was def something for everyone and if it was a party you were looking for there were plenty of them both on and off site.
The signing schedule was a little tough with quite a few conflicting times and then the lines in both the autographing area and in-booth were very long, but looking on the bright side it was a good time to talk to other booksellers and bloggers about what else, BOOKS.
There were goodies to keep your strength up in the form of cake, donuts from Harper Collins, wine, and beer..
Daniel Handler was a delight, Jimmy Fallon seemed to really enjoy himself, so in all and all a good time was had....can't wait to see what next year brings...
One big change : next year BEA will be held in New York the first week of June and that will be easier than pre Memorial Weekend.